Hello chilli eaters! All starting places are already filled up, but be hopeful and try to go straight to the festival and there may be an opening or two. That happens every year, so go for it!

If you are entered as a contestant, watch our facebook, watch especially this site and last but not least watch your e-mail. We will contact you in regards of time of accreditation in the day of the contest.

I've already competed on Chilližrout
I´m vegetarian
I agree with the rules of the competition, participate at my own risk and send a binding application
CZECH and SLOVAK championship in eating hot – Chilližrout 2017 – few words about competition:

In the beginning there will be 50 competitiors and we will serve them sauces on the volume of fingerfood ( on sausage, bread, vegetables) or fresh chilli peppers.
The content of capsaicin, which causes the burning and blissful feeling not only in the mouth, will have a growing trend. Competitors will start with something 5x stronger than what is known as Tabasco and competition wil end according to the resistance and taste of the participants. The basis for the sauce will be pork neck and white bavarian sausages. If you are a devotee of a vegetarian diet, we can arrange vegetarian version for you. Just fill it in the box in the login form.

And how to survive Chilližrout?

It is really important to eat well before the competition. To go to such a competition with an empty stomach is a guaranteed way home peacefully even after the first round. We can recommend you dairy products or whole food, but eating fat pork belly is also a way. Otherwise it is completely unnecessary and undesirable to have a fright, be in stress, nervous or something like that. We fully understand that sitting on the stage where everyone is a rival, being watched by more than 5 000 people is really tough. But your nervousness affects your stomach and you need it in best condititon. So do not worry, all of us will help you and you can also ask competitors that already competed (and many of them do so every year). We have fun on stage so you will get used to it, hopefully ending with comfort feeling, enjoying moments. Forget about audience and if you suffer from some sort of social fobia, imagine all those girls without t-shirts.

A brief excerpt from the rules:
  • The condition of participation is the consummation of the age min. 18 years of age on the day of the competition.
  • The approximate number of rounds will be 11.
  • During the entire contest, competitors can not move away from the table, or get up and consume anything else other than the dishes presented by the organizer, including drinks.
  • Food will be served in the following time interval: 1 minute for insertion into the mouth, 2 minutes for swallowing. If a competitor does not comply with one of these time limits, he or she is disqualified.
  • Throughout the contest it is forbidden to the competitors to secrete any body fluid (except sweat and tears).
  • Competitors will be provided water to wash it down (we recommend sparingly), 10 slices of toast bread and a little cream (emergency brake).
  • At the time when the competitors will feel the threat to their own health, nausea, or any other unnatural conditions, without undue delay of this will inform the organiser of the competition withdraws, standing up from the table.
  • Entry fee will not be refunded even in the case of absence in competition.
  • Before competition during the presentation each participant will have confirm the waiver of the responsibility of the organizer for any consequences from the ingestion of food at the competition.
  • If necessary, we reserve the right to change the rules during the competition.
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