Seize special opportunity to participate Chillibraní as a stallholder. No matter if you own a bar or meat/vegan chilli/not-chilli restaurant, you run a street food project, produce savoury or sweet treats, chilli sauces, cheeses, meats, preserves, spices, wine, interesting drinks, and do it with passion and very good quality, this is right festival for you.
Our stallholders are loyal to us and return every year because the fair conditions are set. We do pay attention to product mix with others and we get most helpful for you all. Try us and become a part of our festival that is not just about chilli, but mainly about quality food and a healthy lifestyle.

How can you start?

Firstly write an e-mail or make a phonecall to our stallholder fairy Zuzana Vávrová – zuzka(at) She sends you information sheet where you can find all information you need. Zuzana is happy to answer any questions.
We are looking forward to co-operate with you and your business.

Registrace stánkařů je již pozastavena.

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