If you want to visit our action, it is ideal time to accreditation. All you have to do is send your contacts to our nebo na The competition without intro and outro is about 2 hours and programme is all day. If you cannot visit festival and want to inform about Chillibraní, we should send you official press release with results of competition, too. We should give you photos on request. If you want something or more information you should contact our spokeswoman.

Key facts about the festival
  • 30 contenders from Czech and Slovakia Republic
  • competition in eating spicy food – souces and fresh peppers
  • system “last man standing”
  • the first hotfood festival in Czech and Slovakia Republic
  • the biggest festival in Europe in the number of visitors in one day
  • meting of growers and consumers chilli
  • hot food cooking shows
  • workshops
  • hotfood cooking show
  • tasting competition for the public about the Product of the Year
  • food from selected restaurants + a lot of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks
  • life band, afterparty with DJ’s
  • a daylong programme for adults and children
Basic information

Chillibraní is the only chilli festival in the Czech Republic and in the Slovakia Republic. Some thousands of people lure to Brno unique atmosphere of Chilližrout – Championship Czech and Slovakia Republic in eating spicy food and wide range of hotfood cuisine, several manufacturerers of sauces, spice sellers, cultivation equipment and more things which belongs to chilli world.

Organizers are passionate growers, amateur cooks and enthusiastic consumers of chilli and no professional agency which organizing the festival for profit. Their goal is show public that chilli is mostly about taste and their hotness does not end with conventional supermarket peppers. They also try to destroy myths, which are about chilli more than enough.

The last volume of Chillibraní was held on Saturday 3 September 2016 from 11 am in the area of the swimming pool Riviera in Brno. The integral part of the festival was the Championship of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the eating of the hot food – Chilližrout, which was really thrilling show. In addition, there were a lot of cookery shows and visitors enjoyed full festivities and refreshed at a variety of stalls.

An interesting program included mainly cooking shows, but also talks or competitions directed by the festival’s partners. Visitors could taste, for example, insects at the PetrOcknecht cooking show, Indian delicacies from TejiRiaror untraditional desserts from PřemekForejt and Jana Bilíková. In the evening, there were Xavier Baumaxa’s concert and fire and light show from Spinning Principle.

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