Do you love hot food and chilli? Then you shouldn’t miss out the 8th year of this unique festival
of tasty hot food, drinks and fun.

10th year will be held on 27th of August 2022 in Brno, CZ on Björnsonovy sady – Piknikbox.


Each year, we try to bring a balanced menu for some of the guidance, entertainment, and all in a balance with the smell and taste of the chili. Right now we are working on the content for this year, so when there will be something to offer, we will inform you.

Food and drinks

Do you like when the chilli tickless you on tongue? Yes? Then you will definitely love Chillibraní. There will be a lot of stands full of different chilli treats. Imagine sauces, drinks, steaks, burgers and more. You can pick whatever your heart or stomach desires to. And if you are not such a chilli lover, don´t worry. There will also be a lot of non chilli food! In each food stand you will be able to order at least one mild dish.
And if you are a true beer lover, listen! You will have a great chance to taste a new kind of beer. On Chillibraní there will be several of them. Look forward to beers from 10 local breweries. Cheers!


Come to have a nice Saturday with your family. You can taste top quality food together, discover new recipes or (if weather will be nice) swim and  ride a toboggan. Kids can enjoy playground with the bouncy castle, get some balloons and enjoy face painting.

Chilli Market

You will have great possibility to buy plenty of chilli treats and make supplies for a whole year. Chilli market will be full of various chilli and non chilli products to buy.

  • we have no idea what we’re going to do
  • the event for friends and we expect participation around 80 people
  • we had 400 visitors
  • even someone from the press – wooow!
  • rescue workers: 5
  • way to go!!!
  • 35 competitors
  • 2500 people
  • LS Brno (place) is small
  • we still have a lot of to learn
  • TV is here to make reportage
  • the number of visitors who had to seek medical help: 1 (wanted to verify at his own risk that extract which competitors had in the final round is really hot)
  • the festival moved into the Riviera
  • more stalls and not only with snacks
  • new competition named Product of the year
  • we supported Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
  • on TV in prime time
  • the number of visitors that had to seek medical help: 3 (two of them were security workers)
  • two stages
  • items on programme list: 19
  • the chef with a Michelin star participated
  • cooking shows: Oldřich Sahajdák, Petr Oknecht, Tejinder Riard, Jan Pavlas
  • the lecturer from abroad – Jason Nickels
  • Korean national TV participated
  • the number of satisfied visitors: 5 050
  • the amount chilli consumed: around 200 kg
  • way to go!!!
  • We celebrated our 5th birthday
  • Attendance was record-breaking
  • The Chilližrout final was interrupted by a marriage proposal
  • Petr Holešinský defended last year’s victory and his Kačenka said YES
  • For the first time visitors could swim in the pools
  • Therewere a lot of beer from small breweries
  • The program ended with Xavier Baumax’s concert
  • We donated organisation Dejme dětem šanci over CZK 40,000
  • Over 6000 of visitors.
  • Cooking show, competitions, lectures and variety of food.
  • The Apetit picnic participated.
  • The festival didn’t take place due to illness of the main organizer.
  • The chilli growers and consumers from Czechia and abroad gathered.
  • The program was full of culinary shows, workshops and tastings..
  • The Czech & Slovak hot food eating championship Chlližrout was won by Roman Lepík.
  • Live music by Morčata na útěku spiced up the audience like the ubiquitous chilli.
  • A lot of various both spicy and non-spicy food was offered on the festival stands.
  • There was a wide selection of craft beer served.
  • Even though it rained the whole day, over 3 500 people visited the festival.


How did it start?

All has come into being from pepper. Exactly, it all started in 2012. Without chilli peppers there would be no Chillibraní festival, and without some friends, too. They have given to it a part of heart, a lot of time and different worries, but they receive back a lot of happiness and joy from visitors and chilli lovers and eaters.

Why is Chillibraní there?

World of chilli is beautiful, various, odorous, interesting and mostly really tasty. We totally fall into this world and because in our country has not been action about chilli and it’s world we decided to be guides of chilli world there.

What happens there?

The programme is tight and it is intended for everyone. There are cooking shows, educational funny series and music experiences. The highlight of festival is competition Chilližrout.

For who is this?

Without exaggeration, it is for everyone. It is for children, teenagers, adults, seniors. Look to our gallery and you will see.

 What is the atmosphere there?

There are a lot of tension, fun and something informative and interesting. There are people everywhere who just rest on the grass with picnic blankets, children in the sand, a lot of food and drinks, nice people … just cool.

Where does it take place?

Of course this takes place in Brno – this is the birthplace of major part of festival´s organizers. There are favourable conditions to growing peppers and other vegetables, there is a lot of sun and it is fertile part of our republic. Area Anthropos – “Na Střeláku” is full of greenery and beautiful calm places, too.

And who organizers are?

Firstly group of friends. We are connected with growing, hot vegetables, kitchen, nature, beer and a lot of fun, experiences and a lot of more…

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