There are approximately 6,000 kinds of chilli sauces all over the world. It is not easy to know them all, know how they really taste and what they contain. People consume sauces daily, exhibit them, write about them on their blogs, buy them, etc. Which  product is the most delicious according to our visitors? That is what we try to find out through the public with a refined taste.

The competition takes place within the framework of the festival and public evaluate it by voting on tasting ballots, which will be handed over by the organizers. Subsequently, the tickets areevaluated and the winners of the Product of the Year are announced after the publication of winners of the Chilližrout.

If you are an official manufacturer of chilli sauce or any product containing chili and you dare to say that it is one of the best in the world, sign up for this product contest by writing to us. Perhaps your product is the champion.

Why you should enter the contest?

– In case of success, the sauce has marketing surplus value in the form of a certificate to use when selling and promoting the product

– We will ensure appropriate promotion on the website of the festival and our available Facebook channels

– You will also receive a certificate and in electronic form also a plaque that you can use for your promotion.

– In the following year, the product will appear on a scale in the Chilližrout competition


– The producer or distributor of the sauce delivers 15 packs with a minimum content of 150 – 200ml (in the case of a product other than a sauce it depends on the weight or volume) and at the same time will pay a registration fee of CZK 600 or EUR 25 /a product.

– The manufacturer will be registered with the appropriate food inspection and will meet all the requirements related to the free sale.

– The contest organizer reserves the right to refuse to place a product into the competition.

What and how it is evaluated:

– Appearances (color and overall impression, including label)

– Savour (intensity and the imprint)

– Goodness and taste (purity, harmony, intensity)

– Consistency (intensity and its characteristics are evaluated)

– Usability (Appraisal is used for different meals, versatility is not an advantage)

The rating scale is 0-10  – and points are scored. The three products that reach the highest figure will receive the appropriat evaluation.

How you should register?

Simply complete the form below and we will contact you later.

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