Terms of use

General Provisions:

The operator of the website www.chillibrani.cz is Chillibraní, z.s., with its registered office at Bayerova 578/8, Veveří, Brno, 602 00, Czech Republic, ID: 08885621 (hereinafter referred to as the operator), which is authorized, in accordance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended, to exercise proprietary rights to these websites.

The operator has all the rights arising from the license under the Copyright Act to the content of the websites, including text and design, technical drafts, graphics, all images on these websites, as well as the selection and arrangement of files contained on these websites.

The operator issues these terms and conditions for the use of the website www.chillibrani.cz (hereinafter referred to as the terms). The website www.chillibrani.cz is freely accessible to the public, and its use is subject to these terms.

Method of Use:

The user undertakes to comply with the regulations applicable in the territory of the Czech Republic, good manners, and these terms when using the website www.chillibrani.cz and will not in any way damage the reputation of the operator or other users. The user undertakes, in particular, not to:

interfere with the security, technical nature, or content of the website www.chillibrani.cz or otherwise misuse it,

interfere with the use of these websites by other users,

use the website for sending unsolicited messages (spam), chain messages,

send messages to these websites containing viruses or any dangerous or harmful programs,

create fake messages (fake) to falsify the identity of the sender or attempt to access the account of other users,

attempt to access parts of the website www.chillibrani.cz that are excluded from public use,

spread messages or materials on these websites that violate the laws of the Czech Republic.

Operator’s Limitation of Liability:

The content of the website www.chillibrani.cz is for informational and non-binding purposes only. The operator does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on these websites. The publication of any data and information on these websites, except for these terms, does not constitute any legal act aimed at creating a legal relationship between the operator and the user, unless otherwise expressly stated in individual cases.

The operator may make changes to the information on these websites at any time without prior notice.

The operator is not responsible for any possible damages that may arise to users in connection with the use of the website www.chillibrani.cz.

The operator is also not responsible for advertising or other forms of promotion carried out by any third party through the website www.chillibrani.cz.

Furthermore, the operator is not responsible for the content of websites belonging to third parties, which can be accessed through the website www.chillibrani.cz.

Protection of Personal Data:

Access to the website www.chillibrani.cz or certain services provided by the operator on these websites may be fully or partially conditioned by the provision of some personal data of the user within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data.

The operator undertakes to handle this data in accordance with applicable legal regulations and use it only to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose for which this data is collected, and always in such a way as to prevent any harm to the data subject. The operator also uses this data for internal purposes, especially for conducting analyses and evaluating possible risks, monitoring the quality of services, and visitor satisfaction.

The user agrees with the operator’s above-mentioned procedure.

Personal data is secured by the operator according to modern IT standards, which ensure the maximum possible protection of data processing against unauthorized access or transmission, loss or destruction, and possible misuse. All user information is kept confidential and the operator is bound by confidentiality and related obligations.

Final Provisions:

The operator is entitled to change these terms at any time.

The terms of use of the website are effective from the date of their publication. The terms were published on January 1, 2020.