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  • 12 competitors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • they compete in eating hot foods – sauces and fresh chilies
  • those who can’t go any further are eliminated, i.e. the “last man standing” system
  • the first chili festival in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and neighboring states
  • a gathering of chilli growers and consumers
  • themed stands
  • tastings
  • more information on the About the FESTIVAL page


Chillibraní is the largest hot food festival in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also the biggest in Europe. Attracting thousands of visitors to Brno, it offers not only the unique atmosphere of the Czech and Slovak Championship in spicy food consumption – Chilli Eating Contest (Chilližrout), but also a wide range of hot food cuisine, several sauce producers, spice vendors, cultivation equipment, and other items related to the world of chili.

The organizers are a passionate group of chili growers, amateur chefs, and enthusiastic chili consumers, not a professional agency hosting the festival for profit. Their aim is to show the public that the level of chili is primarily about taste, and its spiciness doesn’t end with conventional supermarket peppers. They also strive to debunk the myths surrounding chili, of which there are more than enough.

The last edition of Chillibraní took place on Saturday, September 5, 2020, starting at 11 am in the Björnsonovy Sady area in Brno. A highlight of the event was the Czech and Slovak Championship in consuming spicy food (Chilližrout), which provided an exciting spectacle once again.