Product of the year

The Product of the Year will be evaluated directly at the vendors’ stalls by a professional committee and two “amateurs.”

There are approximately 6,000 types of chili sauces worldwide. Knowing which ones truly taste great and don’t contain anything that could upset one’s stomach is not the easiest task. People consume these sauces daily, showcase them, write about them on their blogs, and stock up on them… What do visitors like the most? We aim to find out through the discerning taste of the public.

What and how is evaluated:

  • Appearance (evaluating color and overall impression, including the label)
  • Aroma (evaluating intensity and impression)
  • Taste (evaluating purity, harmony, and intensity)
  • Consistency (evaluating density and behavior during application)
  • Usability (evaluating the suitability for various dishes; versatility is an advantage)
  • The rating scale is from 0 to 10, with individual scores being summed up. The top three products with the highest scores will receive the respective awards.

Registration for the Product of the Year is now suspended.